Educational Programme

During your 3 year training programme there is a Stuctured Teaching Programme that provides GP orientated formal teaching.  During ST1 and ST2 hospital posts there are fortnightly half-day sessions, during your GP+ posts weekly half-day sessions, and in ST3 a weekly half-day or full-day teaching session which provides 25 days education in your ST3 year.

We aim to provide teaching that meets a wide range of learning styles and builds in a spiral fashion on your earlier learning, clinical experience and ‘real life’ experiences.

The structure for the teaching programme is outlined below.

ST Year 1: Laying the Foundation

Basic Consulting Skills

Basics of Chronic Disease Management

Introducing the GP Competencies

ST Year 2: Developing Knowledge and Skills

Consultation Skills Course

Common problems

During ST1 as a group you choose the topics to be covered in the ST2 Structured Teaching Programme. Common topics chosen are:

ST Year 3: Becoming a GP

Higher Level Consultation Skills

Additional Skills:

Psychiatry module

Management module (Residential)

Practice Management

Getting a Job